How to Create Screencast and Introductory Videos using Snagit

Project Summary


At Wake Technical Community College’s Workforce Continuing Education division, a large portion of the classes are being taught either as hybrids, web-based, or entirely online. What this means to the instructors and students is often a complete lack of face-to-face interaction with each other. Because the vast majority of students have never taken an online course, there is often a certain amount of frustration as students try to adapt to new technology as well as the transition to online learning, which frequently results in students dropping courses. The SME proposed a way to help bridge the gap in student/instructor face-to-face interaction and asked me to come up with a way to show instructors how to create, edit, and upload videos introducing themselves to their class.

Course Goal:

At the completion of this course, learners will be able to create a video of themselves using a webcam and the software program Snagit and upload the file into Moodle for use in online courses.

Platform + Tools Used: LMS, Moodle, Photoshop, Bootstrap, Camtasia, Snagit, HTML, LucidChart

Design Model: Dick and Carey

Instructional Strategies: Based on Marzano et al.’s and Dean et al.’s categories of instructional strategies (as cited in Brown & Green, 2016).

  • Linguistic Mode
  • Nonlinguistic Representation
  • Homework/Practice

Design Model Rationale:

I chose to use the Dick and Carey Instructional Design Model for this instruction because the goal of the course is to teach learners how to use a software program to produce instructional content, but I needed the course to be interactive and not become an information dump of step-by-step instruction. I completed the following sequence of processes to develop the instruction: identified goals and objectives, completed needs, task, and learner analyses, determined assessments, determined learning strategies, chose learning materials and activities, and finally conducted summative and formative analyses.


Determine Instructional Steps:

Laura McFalls Design

Curriculum Sample:

Section 1: Starting Snagit and the Capture Window


  • Launch Snagit and open the Capture Window
  • Set all required presets for audio and video
  • Start and stop recording your video


  1. Handout: Snagit User Guide PDF
  2. Watch: An Example of a Video Created with Snagit
  3. Read: Starting Snagit and the Capture Window
  4. Read: Settings for Audio and Video for an Introductory Video
  5. Read: Recording the Introductory Video
  6. Activity: Download, install, and record a test video using Snagit

Project Sample