Making the Connection

Project Summary



A local community college tasked me to help train instructors that are transitioning from face-to-face classes to an online environment that have little to no experience teaching in a virtual classroom. The school found that new online instructors were not consistently and frequently communicating with their students, which in turn, was resulting in low retention rates, high student frustration, and poor teacher and class evaluations.

After performing a needs assessment, I determined that instructors’ lack of communication with their students was stemming from two problems. The first, is that online instructors presume they don’t need to consistently and frequently communicate with their students because they are not face-to-face, and the second was that online instructors don’t have the tools and resources necessary to create effective class communication strategies.

The solution I proposed was to design a scenario-based eLearning experience created with Articulate Storyline that allows instructors to foresee the consequences of poor communication with their students and include a job aid to assist in developing class communication strategies.

Course Goal: To increase online instructor communication with students and establish effective communication strategies.

Platform + Tools Used: Articulate Storyline, Lucidchart, Mind Meister, Adobe Acrobat

Design Model: Action Mapping

Learning Outcomes:

  • Provide personal and meaningful assignment feedback
  • Participate in discussions
  • Provide opportunities for synchronous interaction
  • Send regular announcements
  • Make contact information clear and easily accessible
  • Develop audio or video feedback

Design Model Rationale: I chose to create this training using Action Mapping because the problems that needed to be corrected were performance based problems that would best be corrected through scenario-based training. Learners are able to work through an intuitive process and are provided with immediate, real-world feedback that applies directly to their job performance skills.  

Action Mapping Sample

Storyboard Sample

Interactive Project Sample