eLearning Gamification

Bee a Pollinator Hero!



I created this interactive eLearning game as a project for a graduate multimedia course. The main character is Max, an enthusiastic gardener who wants to bring honey bees to his garden and gets help from Stella, a nursery employee who sees Max needs some friendly advice. The player must answer quiz questions correctly to bring bees into Max’s garden, and if they answer incorrectly then Max is given a gardening tool to help him grow his pollinator garden.

Game Objective: Help save the North Carolina honey bees by learning new gardening skills to help Max grow a pollinator garden.

Platform + Tools Used: Articulate Storyline 360, Photoshop

Directions to play: Help Max bee-come a pollinator hero by answering the questions correctly. Each correct answer will bring a bee to the garden and each incorrect answer will give Max a new gardening tool to help him make his garden more bee-friendly.